Sunday, July 27, 2008

On Vacation! and Ebay Auctions!

Here are my current auction links:
Halloween Fairy Auction
Little Apple Annie auction

I am doing the vacation happy dance! I'm goin to the ocean! I'm goin to the ocean!!I'll be back on August 8th. I AM running auctions while I'm gone,which I will be checking periodically. So if you have a question I will get back to you but it may take an extra day!

See ya when I get back!~Annie

Halloween Fairy

From a pattern by Back Porch Pickins! I haven't made a primitive doll from another designers pattern in a long time-it was lots of fun! I love the idea of a Halloween Fairy~they must fly all over the pumpkin patch at twilight, don't you think?

Little Apple Annie

She is finished!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Annie has sold and Lukie in Hawaii!

Well my little Annie sold while I was still getting the auction up, so she will not be on ebay! Thank you Anna-you made my day! I will have 2 more Annies ready in the next few days.

I have to share some pictures of my son Lucas, who is STILL in Hawaii on his marine biology trip. These pictures are so awesome. I am really missing him, he won't be home until next Wednesday! But he is having the time of his life and whenever I talk to him he sounds so happy and excited!
Sunset on Hapuna Beach
Buddies;Ian, Chris, Clay and Lucas.
Here is Lucas with the beautiful clear ocean behind him. This day they got to see a volcano actually errupting. This has never happened before in the 10 years his science teacher has been making this trip with students!
Lucas snorkeling! How cool is this picture!!
Brittiany,Lucas, Ian, and Clay. Remember Brittiany? She and Luke went to prom together, I blogged about it here. they are an item now. It is just a coincidence that they were both picked to go on this trip! No monkey business now!! ;)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My little Annie

Oh I had fun making this doll! I haven't made a simple straight-forward doll like this in a long time. I am going to put her on ebay. Do you think she will sell? You just can't tell with ebay these days. If she doesn't sell I will pop her onto Etsy or maybe Glitter and Grunge. I love her! What do you think?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I received an award!!

Wow! I guess you just never know who is reading your blog. Debra has a really interestin blog called Pilgrims and Pioneers. Thank you SO MUCH Debra!!

Fabric inspiration!

I bought some new "Annie" fabric. I got all of this fabric at Joann. I don't make the trek to Joann very often because now that they are all superstores they are too far away. I usually buy my fabric online, but I knew I wanted a lot of polka dots so I thought I would be able to find what I wanted there. As you can see I didn't have any problem!! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The best laid plans...

of mice and men, oft' times go awry!!

Julia is being put on hold until the Fall. I have come to the realization that I cannot get a sculpt done while the kids are at home. It is just too hard to concentrate, and I am constantly being interrupted. So.. I am going to concentrate on simple and easy dolls from here on out until my days become my own again.

I found some unfinished doll bodies, and decided to make some Raggedy Annies. I haven't made an Annie in years! They are the dolls I started out making, so it has been fun doing a few again! My 9 year old Isabel loves them!

Friday, July 11, 2008

My son studying marine biology in Hawaii

My oldest son Lucas is on a science trip with a group from his high school, studying marine biology in Hawaii. He left Monday morning on the 7th, and will be back on the 23rd. It is a long time, and I admit I as quite nervous at first, but his awesome teacher has set up a flickr photostream and has posted tons of pictures of everything they are doing. I have put 2 links on my sidebar, an Hawaiian clock and the link to his photostream, so I can keep track of him. His teacher always calls him Luke. So if you check out the pictures, thats him. So exciting!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

And the winner is...

Here are the names of everyone who entered the drawing! Thank you so mUCh for such a great response!!

All of the names cut apart and thrown in a hat.

Here is Isabel reaching in to draw the name!

Who will it be? Will it be you??

And the lucky winner is.....
Mithua!!! Yay Mithua!! Go check out Mithua's lovely dolls at Crafts with Care!
I will be contacting you Mithua, and you will have to tell me which pattern you would like to go along with all of your goodies!! Yay!!!!