Monday, August 2, 2010

Back from vacation!

Wow we did a lot of stuff in the last 2 weeks, from Niagara Falls to the Football Hall of Fame, we drove all over upstate New York, Massachusetts and back through Ohio to Indiana for a basketball tournament for Aidan. Whew! The best part was our 5 day stay in Gloucester,Ma. where we stayed at an Inn on the ocean-so beautiful! We noodled all over Cape Ann and did some antiquing-what fun! There was a sad lack of quilt shops though, I must say! We also visited a lot of shrines, Our Lady of Fatima shrine in New York being one of our favorites. I am definitely refreshed and ready to get back to work-though I am still steadfastly denying the approach of "back to school"!!!
Niagara Falls from the US side

St. Anthony-the most decorated statue out of the hundreds at this shrine! He's my guy!
Our view outside our inn at Gloucester

Aidan and Chelsea goofing around in Essex. We had such a fun time antiquing together!