Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thousands of WIP's!

OK, maybe not thousands, but it sure feels like it! I have so many wips going I don't know what to work on! I have decided to post them all here to help me make some decisions on what to work on, and work out some sort of priority list, or rotation. So here goes!
Blogger will only let me load 2 pics at a time! grrrr! Here are sheepish designs pincushion and January of the Country French house SAL.

America by LHN

Days of Advent,Prim stocking, Unicorn sampler, Colonial Urn

Jacobean pillow,Bent Creek monthlies,Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

In March and in April,The work of thy hands needlebook,MOTM

Liberty Mill Sampler by Chessie and meChild of Spring-VS

Ann Greanawalt

Geez! Now I'm only able to upload 1 picture!!! More later!

Crows in the kitchen(original), Jonah by Plum Street

elizabethan glove, dinky dyes biscornu