Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Autumnal Offerings!

Finally! LOL!
Sorry if the title seems hoity-toity! 
I just love using the word"autumnal"!!!

Any-whooo! Here are my 2 newest offerings on TDIPT this month!

First is a little pincushion that I designed. It is actually a proto-type for a new pattern that will have 3 pincushion designs in it. The pattern should be ready some time next week.
It is all made of wool-do you like it?
And next is an awesome table runner, also soon to be a pattern. I am super excited about how this one came out! It really was fast, I did it in like 2 days! The pattern should be out week after next. It is called Squirrels and Pumpkins.
Isn't it great! To see more details visit the TDIPT website.
Thanks for looking!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Just really nothing to show...

I've been so busy getting my son off to college,
getting my daughter started in fall soccer,
attending end of the summer picnics.
going to baptisms,
buying school supplies,
Source: via Oh Dier on Pinterest

weeding the garden,

walking the dog,
making salsa,
canning tomatos,
Source: via Annie on Pinterest


That I haven't had much time to work on new WOOLIE patterns,
or finish old CROSS STITCH ones!

BUT, there is hope for the future!
Son is off and starting his new life, 
dd starts school TOMORROW!
And I have a new pack of wool sitting on my work table calling my name!


Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm baaaack!!!

I have actually been back since LAST Friday, 
but it has taken me a week to get organized,
get unpacked,
get all of the laundry done
and try to slip peacefully(not!) back into everyday life!
While on vacation I got 2 blocks from myOLDEST applique WIP, "War and Pieces" done! I worked on them in the car as we drove from Niagara Falls to Quebec City, and then from Montral to Michigan-the 2 longest driving legs of our trip. So here are my blocks so far:
I am excited to have this many done and I have started block 6!
Happy Stitching!