Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hestia Jones Sampler

Here is my progress on Hestia so far. This is the second fabric as the first one was just too dark. This is "earthen" by PTP.

At first I tried stitching this 1 over 2. I didn't like it. I am working this on 28ct. because there are several 1 over 1 motifs. I didn't like the 1 strand coverage, so I went back to 2.

 Then after putting in the entire top floral border I began working the left hand bird, only to discover my entire border was off by 1 stitch! If this was not a model believe me I would have fudged and left it forever, BUT, I cannot do that. So out came the froggie! *sigh*. But now I am back on track and moving on!