Thursday, August 6, 2009

She said yes to the dress!

We started looking for a wedding dress for Chelsea yesterday. I did not expect to find anything-it was our first day looking. We tried one of those chain bridal stores, but then we went to a great little boutique and she fell in love with 3 dresses, and then finally chose one! I can't believe it! The very first day! Here are pictures of 3 of the runners up. I won't reveal the gorgeous dress she got, but let me just say it is stunning!! Elegant! Unbelievable! She looks absolutely radiant in it! You'll have to wait for the wedding pictures next June to see!
This is the first runner up at the first store we went to.

Here is runner up #3 at the 2nd store. The pictures really don't do this dress justice-it was really pretty.And finally the first runner up. It really ended up being a choice between this one and the dress she chose! This one was SO sparkly!

The very first dress she tried on, I got all choked up!It was really something to see my little darling standing there in a wedding dress! So awesome-we had a wonderful day!