Monday, November 27, 2006

Isabel's stocking

I really must put everything else aside and finish this one-I need to get it done as soon as possible. It is hard for me to work on because it is not really my style. Bel really loves this, and what little 7 yr old girl wouldn't! So I have to finish it for this year! Its more than halfway done.

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow WIP

Here is a pic of my progress on this piece. It is really fun to work on!


I was finally able to purchase the charts for Days of Advent! I love this piece and can't wait to begin! I ordered the NPI silks today. Now I just have to decide what fabric to use. I am hoping to go to Tomorrows Heirlooms this week, and have a look at the fabric that Mary Beale recommends. This is the same shop she is working with. I would like a piece with a soft hand for this. I don't like working on a stiff fabric with a project this big. But I would really like to see the color in person. The Legacy group is starting and SAL for this piece, so that will help me keep on track I think.
I was going to do the Plymouth sampler(see below) as my Christmas day start, but now I am leaning towards Jonah(see below again!), by Plum Street Samplers. I love this piece so much and I will use the Crescent Colors which are new to me.

Works in progress update

Ann Greanawalt was my Thanksgiving Day start. This one will go really fast I think, I've gotten a really good start on it. The top band has some free form satin stitch, and that is the only challenge for me. The rest is all lettering, with the bottom alphabet done in eyelet. This one is small, and it will be nice to have a quick finish. I love the colors in this sampler. It is done in my favorite deep primitive colors with AVAS silks-my favorite!! I love how soft they are, and vibrant. Fun!
Scroll down to see thew stock photo of Ann Greanawalt.