Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Love this...

Beautiful Ribbonwork

Why does everything take so long?
Well, I've been working on my regency costume doll for some time now. I thought she would be done for ebay last Sunday, but here I am still not finished on Tuesday. Of course I went crazy adding silk ribbonwork(which I have learned is not the same as silk ribbon embroidery) to the bonnet. Part of what has taken so long is sort of learning this ribbon technique as I go. I checked out a wonderful book from the library called, "Ribbonwork; The Complete Guide, by Helen Gibb." This book is wonderful, and I will have to add it to my library.
The stump body in the foreground of this picture is the body I am using for my costume doll. She will have a paperclay head and lower arms and will be fastened to a wood base. Her costume is of the Regency period, with a high waist and puffed upper sleeves. She will also have a straw bonnet with silk ribbon embellishments.
She is almost done, but you will have to wait until she is done to see her! Coming very soon, she only has to be attached to her base!