Sunday, July 1, 2012

Getting married

This is my beauty getting married in September. Every day it becomes more real!
I'm so happy for her but its still hard to let her go!
Love you so much my darling!

Watercolor poppies

Got the scanner working!
My first attempt at poppies.

On TDIPT this month

Ophelia and her daisies!
Click here to go to TDIPT Mercantile for more photos!

Flowers in my garden

I can't believe I took this picture myself! I am loving these coneflowers this year!

Been working in watercolor the last couple of weeks, including the week I was on vacation in Traverse City Michigan.
I just got a new printer, so when it is completely set up I will have some scans of my work to show. But for now, just flowers from my garden!