Friday, January 2, 2009

Hannah and her heart!

This is Hannah. She is my newest doll creation. I have been just obsessed with embroidery in all its forms lately,(well not just lately, actually for years!) but I HAVE to continue to make dolls, because that it the majority of my business and I don't want to loose everything I have worked so hard for, for the past 10 years. SO, I have decided the solution is to work my embroidery into my dollmaking in a more obvious fashion.

So here is my first attempt to that end. Hannah has actually been sitting on my work table for almost 2 months while I was stumped as to what to actually do with her. I didn't really have a vision for her for a long time. But then I began reading Sharon B.'s blog and decided to do the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge on my own. I began a little sampler and I am working through all of the stitches, and eventually I will have a great long sampler of stitches to refer to-such a cool idea! Thank you Sharon B.!

Anyhow I began looking around Sharon' site, which is called Pyn Tangle, but used to be called In a Minute Ago, and I became really inspired by all of the crazy quilt stuff! And I realized that even though it is only Jan.2, dollmakers are already doing St.Valentine's Day, so there I finally had my theme for Hannah. I had GREAT fun embroidering her little heart pillow, and I will certainly be doing more of these. I can think of all kinds of ways to incorporate crazy quilting into dollmaking, and I will be trying them all in the near future. Yay! Its great to have a new direction!

Hannah is going on Ebay tonight in a 3 day only auction. So if she steals your heart don't hesitate, she'll be gone in a flash!