Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick update on This is the Day

I worked on this at my guild Tuesday night, and after dinner last night. Its coming along...
OK, I'm off to run errands! Going to my LNS to deliver an order and TRY to resist stashing up!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Stash up!

I recently had a chance to add some charts to my stash!
Plantation Sampler~Canterbury Designs, A Ball at Netherfield~Stitching Parlor

Ida Mae Crow~Goode Huswife, Cape Cod Girls~Primitive Needle, Haunting Mermaid~Carriage House Samplings
Most of these were influenced by blogland. I have seen some great things being stitched lately-oh! to have the speediest needle and unlimited time!!!


Hello my friends! I have been MIA for the last week, packing and shipping orders from the Online Needlework Show. I had a very good show, and now I am ready to start some new charts. Ah! I love the feeling of starting out fresh again. I have some ideas I can't wait to work out, so its back to the drawing board!

Here is my progress on This is the Day! I've been working on this consistently, but because I chose threads from my stash and I'm stitching 2 over 2, I keep running out! So I have to make a trip to my LNS this week and stash up. But I am happy with this little sampler, the colors on this linen are gorgeous!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some close-ups and This is the Day

Here are some close up pics of my 2 new charts. First off is Our Love. My hubs and I are going to celebrate our 25th anniversary in October this year, so I guess I'm feeling sentimental. Of course 1808 is the year we met! Ha! Ha!(seriously we met when I was just 15 so it does seem a century!!)

Next is my little box, Be Ye Kind and True. I just love covering these craft boxes with fabric, I have quite a few around the house holding all sorts of things.The pattern comes with instructions on how to cover a box yourself. Look for an upcoming tutorial on how to do this, is really isn't that hard, and the way I do it they are really nice and last forever.
And last but not least my start on This is the Day. Wow I am loving this sampler. I haven't worked with overdyes in a while so it is really fun. And its working up quickly which is nice. My colors are really different than those I've seen around the web. I do love my rusty reds, so I am happy with my choice of chili pepper for the buds.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 New Charts!

Click on the pictures for a really great close-up view!
Be Ye Kind and True

DMC on 32ct. Cafe Mocha

Our Love

"Our love is like a rose that blooms, Tho it's beauty never fades"

AVAS silks on 32 ct.Antique White Belfast

Premiering today at the Online Needlework Show!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is the Day!

To jump on the bandwagon~apparently!! I am in love with this sampler after seeing it being worked on all over blogland, so I decided to take the plunge! I am going to stitch it on 32 ct. Vintage Exemplar Light from Lakeside Linens. I have my own conversion, mainly because I didn't want to go buy the threads, just use up some of my stash.I used mostly Crescent Colors. Here is my conversion:

Tracy's colors=My colors
Pumpkin Pie GAST = Cidermill Brown GAST
Roasted Marshmallow GAST = Bamboo CC
Picnic Basket GAST = La Tierra CC
Tomato GAST = Chili Pepper CC
Old Brick GAST = Clay Pot CC
Just Rust CC = Just Rust CC!
Colonial Copper CC = Copper Penny CC
Camouflage CC = Weeping Willow CC
Black Coffee CC = Hickory Stick CC
Conch WDW = Garden Trellis CC

Another start~I must be crazy!!! :)

Roma tomato seedlings and HRH

Lookie my cute little tomato sprouts!! These are Roma tomatos, which I plan to use to make and can my own spaghetti sauce. It is still cold and wet around here, it seems spring will never come, but May is just around the corner, so I need to get some more things started!

I don't know how I got a single stitch in yesterday! It seems as though every time I sat down to stitch I had to get right back up again to tend to something; the kids, laundry, etc. Sometimes the "fun" never ends around here!! (BGG)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Monday!

I see I have not posted since last Wednesday, since the start of the Easter Triduum. What a glorious Holy Week I had! I am an Easter zealot, that's for sure! I did not miss a single mass or service this year, which is a lot of church time. We brought 20 new converts into the church on Saturday night, it was glorious!
And now, fired up and filled with the Holy Spirit I am renewed and ready to get to work! I still have my kiddos home today, but they will be back in school tomorrow and the Online Needlework Show begins on Wednesday, so this will be a busy and happy week!

I did not get much time to stitch over the weekend, we were just too busy. But I did work a little bit on Houses. I have the models for my 2 newest designs completed(they will premier at the show on Wednesday)so I was able to work on Houses guilt-free! LOL! I do need to get started on new designs though, no rest for the weary!

I worked on my canvas work piece and got it almost all done until I ran out of the navy blue Neon Rays fiber. So I will have to pick up one of those to finish it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Houses Block 7 finished!!

Yippee! Now I am on to block 3, directly above this one. I decided to do block 3 next because (if you remember I have started this over due to thin coverage on my first attempt) this way I will be able to compare the two. So far I am happy with this new block, it is graphic and pretty!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Something new!

I just HAD to share a little corner of my new sampler!!It is called "Our Love" and was stitched in beautiful AVAS silks! This is all I can show you right now. It will be released next week at the Online Needlework Show. (Be sure to come and browse through all of the booths!)

I will have another new chart called "Be Ye Kind and True", which I am still working on!!But it will be done, never fear!

So how do you think "Our Love" looks so far?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

One of my oldest WIPS

I was digging around in my basement looking for stretcher bars yesterday when I came across this WIP. If this isn't my oldest WIP it certainly is in the running! I will not even own up to how old it is! But here's a hint~remember when we were all decorating southwest?? Ha! Ha!

Anyhow I decided to drag it out and finish it because it would make a nice gift for my brother who has navy blue furniture in his living room. I think I will try to finish it as a throw pillow.

It is called Quilt Block Quartet and it is by Marie Ary.