Monday, March 14, 2011

More progress on the Unicorn sampler

I managed to finish the alphabet band with the date 1660 and signature "MD". The letters are all done in italian cross stitch, and the dividing bands are montenagrin.
I put in all of the needle-woven stitches, so now you can see the acorn and star motifs. The little eyelet looking things are darned wheels.
I also started withdrawing the threads for the second drawn work section. You cut 2 horizontal threads at the center where the basted line is, withdraw them, (pull them out) and then weave them into the border on the back. You skip 2 threads and then cut the next 2, withdraw them and so on. After all of the horizontal threads are removed you do the same with the vertical threads. Then you weave over them to bind each set of 2 threads together to make a grid. The lacy pattern is worked on this grid, using the stitches I have used above to make the unicorn panel-doves eyes, needle weaving and darned wheels. This bottom panel will look like a piece of lace when it is done.
Its really easy-it just takes time. But it is SO worth it when you are done, don't you think?