Friday, December 2, 2011

Some Christmas sewing

I am making this for my brother Gil.
He LOVES Christmas and begins decorating BEFORE Thanksgiving.
This is going to be a pillow.
It is rectangular. 

It is from a pattern by Bareroots.
I just love Bareroots patterns, don't you?
Hopefully I will have time to snap a picture when it is done and before I give it to him. He always hosts our family get together on Christmas eve. He is a fabulous cook, and we get fed something wonderful every year.
I tell ya, I am the most spoiled little sister in the WORLD! 
My brother Gil always cooks on Christmas eve, and my brother Edward (thats Fr. Edward to you, cuz he's a priest) always cooks on Thanksgiving and Christmas day.
Can you BELIEVE that? 
I NEVER have to do the cookin'!