Monday, July 18, 2022

Lets get caught up!

A lot has happened in the almost year since I last posted. I lost my beloved on September 16, 2021. I won't go into the details at this time. It is still very devastating to me . It was very sudden and the shock and horror still come back at times with the same rawness as when it first happened, But in this almost year since it happened, I have found my sea legs. 

"I am no longer afraid of storms for I am learning to sail my own ship." Louisa May Alcott

Although I missed the fall Needlework Expo, I was eventually able to release all of my patterns and ended up doing pretty well. I made it through the holidays with the help of my amazing kids, and even managed to make it to Nashville Needlework Market in the spring. 

Then God gave me a gift, (among others) and my 2 daughters began to cross stitch! They are hooked and we have even started a floss tube together;

 I had a new release in June and my daughters and I went to a retreat with Vickie Jennet of Needlework Press, put on by Tomorrows Heirlooms. We had a blast!

Then in July I bought a new house and moved in!I have relocated in Southern Wisconsin to be closer to Lucas and Aidan. Chelsea has moved as well, and we are now 15 minutes apart.  I am still getting settled and living out of boxes somewhat, but I love my new house and I feel very safe and comfortable here.

 I was also able to release 2 new charts. Here are all of my releases since last fall of 2021:

NW-78 Advice From A Sunflower

NW-79 Pumpkin Folk

NW-80 Bitty Barns 2

NW-81 Blessings Be Thine

NW-82 Gathering Pumpkins

NW-83 Gathering Holly

NW-84 Hop To It!

NW-85 Margaret Robertson 1855

NW-86 1884 Home Sampler

NW-87 Mary Hill 1826

NW-88 Running Bunny Biscornu

NW-89 Bee Sweet

NW-91 Redwork Pears

  I think that catches us up. I am now getting ready for Needlework Expo 2022, which will be at the end of August. I'm excited for my new releases, I hope you are too!

xo, xo


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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Fun with Grandkids at the Beach!

Last Saturday we went to the beach with a bunch of our kids and grandkids. It was so much fun! This is a wonderful white sandy beach in Racine on Lake Michigan.
The girls have never been to the beach before, and when they first got there they literally squealed with delight! The joy was palpable!

Featured in the video are Nellie, Mei, Hideko and Mase!

I hope you find some great moments with friends and family before summer is gone!

Happy Stitching!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The Big Reveal!

I finally have all of my new releases ready for market!
So exciting!!
So here we are:
Tallow Berry Santa

Pumpkin Pickin'

Advice From A Sunflower

Pumpkin Folk

Bitty Barns Autumn and Winter

Blessings Be Thine

6 new designs! I'm so excited!
 I hope you find something you would like to stitch! All of these designs will be released at the Needlework Expo next week. This is an online virtual needlework trade show. It is not open to the public but you can see all the new designs coming out on various social media sites. Most shops are taking preorders, so if you see something you like just contact your favorite needlework shop and put in your order.

Happy Stitching!

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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Nose to the Grindstone!

I am continuing to work away on my releases for Needlework Expo. A new development has happened that has helped me out immensely! My husband has begun to do all my photography! He is semi-retired now and I think he saw me struggling(and probably complaining) to get through my photo shoot, and he decided to take pity on me. He is actually an amazing photographer and I couldn't be happier with his work! So that is a huge load off because that is my least favorite aspect of what I do. I just don't have the patience for it and I can't seem to follow the basic rules of photography! LOL!

I will be releasing all my sneak peeks next week!

I am continuing to work on my civil war quilt. I started the first block with the needle turn method and I'm finding it just too tedious for this quilt. I think needle turn is great for large uncomplicated pieces, but this quilt just has too many corners and curves. So the next block I plan to do more prep work. I just broke down and ordered the Appliquick tools, I'm excited to see how they work.

I also prepped 2 more blocks for my Maggie Bonanami quilt called Village green. I have the center block and block 2 done. I prepped blocks 3 and 4, and Im hoping to get block 5 prepped today. Once I get all of them appliqued I will only have the borders left! I have a goal to get this done by October 1 so I can have it out for the fall before my Christmas decor comes out.

I finally decided which Blackbird quilt to make. I am going to do A Little Flower. This was a pamphlet pattern from 2016? I think? Anyhow I saw Kay Harmon's version and I just about died! LOL! So I started that too!

So many projects so little time! hahaha!

Happy stitching!

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Friday, August 6, 2021

Sneaking in Some Applique

I have been super busy getting ready for Needlework Expo. I designed a small to give away to shops as a freebie, but then I liked it so much I decided to release it as a pattern! So I am quickly stitching away on it to get it done in time. I will have to come up with a new freebie now! LOL!

I worked a little bit on my Hospital Sketches Quilt which was a free BOM with Barbara Brackman on her Civil War Quilts blog.
 It was released in 2020, but you can still get all of the blocks for free.

 I am going to make it for Chelsea, my oldest. I bought a couple of fat quarter bundles when I was at Hancocks of Paducah. One was Pam Buda and the other was Jo Morton. Can't go wrong with either of those! Here is the first block:

I just can't seem to get enough of hand applique lately. I keep seeing so many quilts that I want to make. This all started with the #BBDQAL (Blackbird Designs Quilt Along)started by Lori (Textilust) and Olivia(Olivia). But I have moved beyond that now and am so inspired by Reproduction fabrics and Civil War era quilts(my first love)!

Hope you get a chance to do some stitching, sewing or crafting today!

Happy Stitching!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

I Am Sable (Stash Acquisitions Beyond Life Expectancy)

Yesterday my Jane Austen quilt in its beautiful presentation box came in the mail!
I was waiting for this to come out and then somehow it fell off my radar, and when I realized it was available it was pretty much sold out! But I found one in a little brick and mortar shop in Michigan. The lovely owner shipped it immediately, it came in like 2 days!

Here is the beautiful presentation box!

The inside cover is lined with a print of Janes actual hand written letters!

Here are the beautiful fabrics:

Here is some information about the original coverlet. It was hand pieced by Jane, her mother and her sister Cassandra. They used scraps sent to them by her brother who employed a seamstress to clothe his 11 children.

Apparently I plan to live forever! This is a shot of my 3 quilt kits, but I actually have a few more kits not even started. (not to mention those that are in progress!)

Top to bottom: Sunday Stroll by Bonnie and Camille, Rue1800 by 3 Sisters,  Jane Austen Reproduction Coverlet Quilt

In other news,  I started session 6 of CWLive class with Teresa Kogut. I have been painting with Teresa on Tuesday nights since the first of the year and I really love it!

 Here is the first layers of a painting we are doing. The original has a witch on the right side, (but I don't really like witches so I took mine off and I'm just painting the pumpkin stack.) 
Its going to be really cute. 
On th bottom it will say" Tis aA Merry Halloween"

Hope you are having a great day and getting lots of stitching and crafting time!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Quilting in the Hive

Yesterday I worked on my Layer Cake Pop quilts I am making for the girls. I have one completely pieced and all the blocks for the second one. I am working on the blocks for quilts 3 and 4. Yes, that's right, I am making 4 of the same quilt!
But they are going to look so cute in the girls room with their white metal frame beds.

                                    The pattern is free from Fat Quarter shop. I will link it here:
                                                             Layer Cake Pop Quilt Pattern

This fall I am planning to get some sort of long arm-is type of sewing machine. I have so many quilt tops that are not quilted. I am still looking around at what type of machine I want to get. I can't do a full long arm, but there are many sewing machines that are designed to make quilting on a domestic easier. Juki and Janome both have this type of machine.

Juki TL-2010Q Long-Arm Quilting & Sewing Machine

Or there is the Janome:

Janome Memory Craft 6650 

Both of these machines have a wider throat space to make it easier to maneuver all that fabric while you are doing the quilting. I am leaning towards the Juki because it has the extended table area and a wider throat space. It is simple machine with no extra bells and whistles(no zig-zag for example), but everything you need for quilting. Plus its about $600.00 less than the Janome.

Here is my basic layout:
There are 10" pink floral borders all around

Name blocks for the back from Lori Holt's Spelling Bee book.

I am super excited about this project and I can't wait to see them on the beds all lined up in one straight line, just like the little girls in Madeleine! (one of the girls favorite books!)

Keep creating!

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