Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Autumnal Offerings!

Finally! LOL!
Sorry if the title seems hoity-toity! 
I just love using the word"autumnal"!!!

Any-whooo! Here are my 2 newest offerings on TDIPT this month!

First is a little pincushion that I designed. It is actually a proto-type for a new pattern that will have 3 pincushion designs in it. The pattern should be ready some time next week.
It is all made of wool-do you like it?
And next is an awesome table runner, also soon to be a pattern. I am super excited about how this one came out! It really was fast, I did it in like 2 days! The pattern should be out week after next. It is called Squirrels and Pumpkins.
Isn't it great! To see more details visit the TDIPT website.
Thanks for looking!