Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm still working here!

I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in so long! I guess I am still getting adjusted to the new school schedule, having sports start up again, and family matters!

I am working on my applique quilt, and really loving it! The colors are very subtle, I don't know if they show up to their best advantage in photos. They really are pretty in real life! I finished my second block. I don't think it was as successful as the first. I should have used a darker color for the stem. I will do this with all the rest of the blocks to keep it consistant, and then this one block with the lighter colors will be my interest block-that place to rest your eyes!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Block # 1

Here is the first block of my applique quilt, it is really big! The block is 20"! This quilt is designed by Blackbird and is called Posies in the Valley. I am having so much fun working on this. It is my take along project as it is very portable. I am still spending a lot of time waiting for my kids at practices, etc.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eric Akeeno Belcher's Baptism

As soon as we returned from vacation we welcomed our nephew Eric into the family of God! My husband and I were thrilled to be chosen as Godparents. So now I will bore you with pictures of my family. I love this picture because it shows what a melting pot my family is! Starting from the left is my brother Ed, who is a catholic priest. Next is me, see how we look alike! We represent the German heritage of my family! LOL! Next is my husband Gary. He is half Japanese. Next is my sister in law Maria,holding the baby and with little Anthony at her hip; she is from Mexico. Then we have Sean, my husbands youngest brother, and my niece Jessika, who is half mexican and 1/4th Japanese! What a melting pot!

I love this picture! These are my men! Aidan is on the left, then my husband and best friend Gary, and Lucas on the right. Aidan is going to be a sophmore in highschool, he is 6 foot 3! Lucas is my athlete, and one of the sweetest high school seniors you could ever know. He is the one who went to Hawaii.

And here is my whole family, plus my mother and father in law. My oldest daughter Chelsea is the only one who looks 1/4 Japanese. I was so suprized when Lucas was born-he was blonde and blue-eyed! I just assumed all of my children would be dark! Isn't it funny! And if you have read down this far I beg your pardon for boring you, and thanks for hanging in there! hehe!

Back from vacation!

Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

My gang on the trail.

I really didn't take many pictures this year, we spent a lot of time lazing around at the pool. We only went to the beach twice to swim and it was overcast both times. We did go for a hike a couple of times at a local slough preserve. That is where all of these pictures are from. It was just beautiful! Do you see the little aligator?

I am ready to get back to work! I will be working on my studio space first and foremost. One of the things I will be doing is cleaning out my supplies, so look for some good bargains on ebay!

I went to a couple of quilt shops in Florida and have gotten all inspired to begin a new project. I picked up the new book from Blackbird designs, and then I ordered a jolly bundle from Fat Quarter Shop. It is called Dandelion girl.I am going to make an applique quilt.These fabrics are so pretty and inspiring!