Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Lookie what I got!!

My lovely new friend BonnieJean noted my lament on the VCD yahoo board, that I was unable to get the Madame Alexander doll that I wanted when McDonalds was giving them away in Happymeals a couple of weeks ago! I started trying to collect them when I saw the little ballerina-she was so cute!
So BonnieJean sent me the ballerina, a darling little snowman(perfect for my collection that I will be pulling out soon for the holidays!), and a wonderful little handmade beeswax thread waxer for hand sewing! How awesome is that!

Thank you BonnieJean!
Here are all the Madam A dolls I have collected! They are so cute!

Vintage Cloth Doll Artists Ebay Group

With the help of my two friends Bettsi and Kathy, I have started a new group on ebay for dollmakers and others who sell cloth dolls and supplies for vintage cloth doll making. The idea is that we all put the initials vcda into our auction titles and then a potential buyer would type that into the ebay search engine and everything we have to offer will come up all at once! I see it as a one stop place to shop for great cloth dolls and supplies.
Kathy has made a wonderful banner to put into our auctions that identifies us as a group.
So I hope it takes off!