Monday, August 10, 2015

PFATT Update and New Baby Chicks!!

Belle;An Oil Painted Doll

Check out PFATT Marketplace today at noon(pacific time) for my new folk doll! At least I've done SOMETHING with the oils!!! LOL!


My daughter(who is 8 months pregnant) and her husband just bought their first house and I have been helping them move. Also, my day old baby chicks arrived last week!! WOOT!
I am finally a chicken keeper!!

Dream come true guys!!!

We are part of a backyard chicken program in our town, so I was only allowed to get 4. But hey, thats fine with me!! Cannot WAIT for the eggs!!

This is Bunny, an Easter Egger

This is Sparkle, she is a Speckled Sussex

This is Bella, a Buff Orpington
And this is Raptor, a Golden Wyandotte(she is a girl, my husband named her!)

So this is what has been occupying almost all of my time lately!
I'm so happy!!


Isabel and Bella