Monday, January 10, 2011

Crazy January 2011 Challenge~Days 7,8, and 9

Well it was a busy weekend, so I only got a moderate amount of stitching time. My fabric for AED 1746 came on Friday, so I got started on that Friday night, when I was supposed to be taking down Christmas. :) I took my Christmas decorations down on Saturday instead. Here is what I did, not much at all:

AED 1746 by Scarlet Letter
DMC floss on 35 ct. Tea dyed linen
The reason I didn't get that much done is because I came across this piece in my stash, and I started it! It wasn't even on my list so I totally cheated!
Needlepoint Christmas Light Ornament
by Susan Porta
Various needlepoint threads on canvas
This was super fun and very fast moving. I enjoyed working on it.
  But then on Saturday I was busy most of the day so I didn't really work on anything at all. I think I did a tiny bit on Days of Advent.

 Sunday I went to the Lake Michigan Sampler guild meeting and I took Days of Advent to work on there, so that what I worked on the rest of the weekend. I signed up to take 2 workshops given by Joanne Harvey of The Examplerary in April. One is called Betsy Morgan, which is a little school girl piece by an 8 year old, who later stitched one of the Balsch samplers, and another repro called Elizabeth Taylor-which is gorgeous! There really are no pics online so I can't show you these gorgeous pieces, but later I am going to go through my Examplerary catalog and see if I can find them and then scan a picture. I am excited about these workshops, because I have never taken a class from Joanne Harvey and I have always heard such wonderful things about her.
 So back to the challenge, I think I am going to start a Stacy Nash piece today. I have my regular MMonday night meeting, so I'm not sure how much I will get sone. I am loving this challenge though-it has really got me motivated to stitch!