Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What I get for trying to be organized

A lot of guff from my family! 
That's what I get!
I bought a new dry-erase month at a glance calendar with magnets on the back that I can tack on my refrigerator. It has a space for my schedule and for "their" schedules. 
You should have heard the laughter!
 OK, I am not known around these parts for being organized, but when I do try I think I should be at least encouraged! 
Yes I should!
I carefully filled in all of the activities for this week and hung it up. And so far, I like it! OK, I didn't fill in the dinner menu-I mean you can't expect me to commit a week in advance, can you?
So this morning I went in the kitchen to get my coffee and "glance" at my new calendar, and this is what some Wise-enheimer added,
Ha Ha Ha! Everyone is a comedian!