Friday, July 11, 2008

My son studying marine biology in Hawaii

My oldest son Lucas is on a science trip with a group from his high school, studying marine biology in Hawaii. He left Monday morning on the 7th, and will be back on the 23rd. It is a long time, and I admit I as quite nervous at first, but his awesome teacher has set up a flickr photostream and has posted tons of pictures of everything they are doing. I have put 2 links on my sidebar, an Hawaiian clock and the link to his photostream, so I can keep track of him. His teacher always calls him Luke. So if you check out the pictures, thats him. So exciting!!!


Shelle said...

So I LOVE Your Annie's! I have a little girl and I need to get her one of these! Do you have an etsy account?

Anyhow...thanks for commenting on my blog so I was able to find you! :)

Shelle said...

Oh duh...I just saw your etsy on the side bar...excuse me...don't mind the post above!

Sylvia Anderson said...

Love the new blog Annie, and I will be sure to update the new link on mine. :) My husband is in Hawaii this week on business...I sure wish i could have tagged along! I bet your son is having the time of his life!! It is so beautiful there. Your old/new Annie's are just darling!