Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Annie Beez Art

I have truly fallen in love with painting! Acrylics, watercolors, mixed media of all kinds! 
I am still making dolls, that I believe I will never leave behind. 
But I haven't really picked up a needle in some time.
 I think because I have the daunting task of altering my daughter Chelsea's wedding dress for her wedding in September, plus the alterations on my dress and my other daughter Isabel's, I need to put quilting and embroidery aside for a while.

But I am painting.

And I am loving it!
 If you would like to follow my art journey I have started a new blog just for that.
 Come join me!


I am taking a workshop from Martha Lever Of Red Door Art Studio called Pear-ology.
 It is all about painting with glazes in watercolor.
 The subject is, of course, pears, and the techniques she teaches are wonderful. 
I love her cute southern manner and her straightforward teaching style.
 I feel really excited to learn some techniques for watercolors. 
I have always, always been drawn to them, and it is exciting to finally be unlocking some of their secrets!
Here are my beginnings:

I still need quite a bit of practice, and I am slowly building up my supplies of paints and I just ordered a new palette from Cheap Joes!

This one is round so you can set it up like a color wheel. It helps visually with mixing colors. Since I am so visual and I can never remember the rules of color mixing I thought, this is the palette for me!