Monday, March 21, 2011

A WIP and a Win!

Here is my progress on the unicorn sampler; MD1660. I am truly enjoying working on this piece, even if I do find italian cross stitch somewhat tedious. I now have to call this an adaptation instead of a true reproduction, as I changed the stitches in the salmon carnations from italian cross stitch to just regular cross stitch. Also, I am considering omitting the next band altogther. It is really similar to this one, with almost all of the same types of stitches.

Here is the top portion again-just because it is so pretty!

And here are my winnings! I joined a contest at the Legacy Embroiderers Guild a l-o-n-g time ago. It was a WIP contest where you had to post where you were on a particular WIP at the beginning of the contest and then after a year post your progress. I came in 3rd place! Amazing isn't it? I feel like I never get anything done! LOL!
I won the skein of Valdani thread and the beautiful scissors, fob and needle threader. See how well they just happen to match my pincushion and thread picker? I am very excited!