Friday, April 17, 2009

Some close-ups and This is the Day

Here are some close up pics of my 2 new charts. First off is Our Love. My hubs and I are going to celebrate our 25th anniversary in October this year, so I guess I'm feeling sentimental. Of course 1808 is the year we met! Ha! Ha!(seriously we met when I was just 15 so it does seem a century!!)

Next is my little box, Be Ye Kind and True. I just love covering these craft boxes with fabric, I have quite a few around the house holding all sorts of things.The pattern comes with instructions on how to cover a box yourself. Look for an upcoming tutorial on how to do this, is really isn't that hard, and the way I do it they are really nice and last forever.
And last but not least my start on This is the Day. Wow I am loving this sampler. I haven't worked with overdyes in a while so it is really fun. And its working up quickly which is nice. My colors are really different than those I've seen around the web. I do love my rusty reds, so I am happy with my choice of chili pepper for the buds.