Monday, December 31, 2012

Finished stocking

Happy Christmastide!
Such a busy time, I'm sure you are all just as busy too!
I did manage to do the finishing on the stocking on time.
My new son-in-law was simply thrilled, which of course made it all worth it!
His reaction was very sweet and gratifying!
 I love this stocking so much, and plan to make 2 more of Mary Beale's sampler stockings this year, one for my husband and one for myself!
Here it is with my other favorite stocking-my daughter's.
I made this for her when she was little, and I have always loved it so much. I don't know where the pattern came from-possibly one of those Vanessa Ann books, remember those anyone?
So the two stockings went to their new home this year, and I must say I will miss my daughter's. It is one of the things I have  treasured every year when I unwrap it for Christmas.