Tuesday, January 10, 2017

And now our hearts turn to...


I don't think I even had the tree down before I already began to think about all things red and white!
I have had a long, long love affair with red and white. In fact I have just recently decided red, white and gray are going to be the colors in my living room (hopefully this will be happening in the spring). 
So I pulled out some woolie hearts and began arranging them just so. 
But then I sold the lot in my 
Etsy shop.
 Ah me!

2017 Stitchy Plans

I pulled out my Santas Village (Country Cottage Needleworks) and have decided to try to do 1 house a month. I had the first house completed when I started it back in 2013? I think?
I was on automatic to receive the charts when they were first published, so whatever year that was.
Anyhow, I still love it, and I decided to focus on Chritmas a little more this year, so it is in the rotation.

I also really want to do an ornament a month, so I started a Prairie Schooler Santa from the chart Old St. Nick. He is the blue one in the chart below.
I found myself all alone on a Friday night (which I actually enjoy) so I binge-watched The Crown and made pretty good progress on my Santa!
I borrowed Vonna's method of mounting my fabric on needlework stretcher bars, and it works wonderful for those smaller bits of fabric.
 Thanks Vonna! Great idea!

It is cold and dark and nasty here today, with a howling wind that is knocking over garbage cans and blowing things all over. So I will leave you with a little ray of sunshine!

On Sunday "Cinderella" came over to help me stitch! We try to take my two granddaughters on Sundays when we can to give their momma a break. This is Amy, she is 3. Hideko is 18 months, and their momma is preggers with #3, due in March. So she needs a break!

Happy Stitching!