Friday, July 18, 2008

Annie has sold and Lukie in Hawaii!

Well my little Annie sold while I was still getting the auction up, so she will not be on ebay! Thank you Anna-you made my day! I will have 2 more Annies ready in the next few days.

I have to share some pictures of my son Lucas, who is STILL in Hawaii on his marine biology trip. These pictures are so awesome. I am really missing him, he won't be home until next Wednesday! But he is having the time of his life and whenever I talk to him he sounds so happy and excited!
Sunset on Hapuna Beach
Buddies;Ian, Chris, Clay and Lucas.
Here is Lucas with the beautiful clear ocean behind him. This day they got to see a volcano actually errupting. This has never happened before in the 10 years his science teacher has been making this trip with students!
Lucas snorkeling! How cool is this picture!!
Brittiany,Lucas, Ian, and Clay. Remember Brittiany? She and Luke went to prom together, I blogged about it here. they are an item now. It is just a coincidence that they were both picked to go on this trip! No monkey business now!! ;)

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Jenny said...

Your kids are very good looking! :) Gosh I would love to be in Hawaii, right now.

Thanks for bidding my my Pumpkin Boo! I appreciate the support. I hope you win him!