Monday, March 17, 2008

A pink house

I really feel like spring today! The weather is getting warmer~I've switched from my leather coat to my jean jacket-yay! I LOVE jean jacket weather-don't you! It is holy week and I am looking forward to Easter. I know most people don't "get" catholics, but this is the most profound week of the year for us, the culmination of our entire faith really. I always get very emotional during the services this week, and it always brings me closer to God, and especially my beloved Jesus. OK, don't mean to put anyone off, I'm just excited!
Hope you like my painting today!

I was honored to receive this "You Make My Day" award from Nina Mason of Nina Mason Dolls! Wow! I am speechless! Thank you so much Nina! Your blog makes my day too! Now I get to pass it on to the blogs that make my day~yippee! So I am giving this award to:

Time with Tascha~ I am just so inspired by Tascha's art. She brings a smile to my face with every single piece she does.
Sandy Mastroni~ I love this quirky artist-her shabby-weirdness just cracks me up!
Vintage Sister-I love to see what she is up to
Northdixie- because she shares SO much!
And last but not least:
Wyanne Art~ this is a new to me blog that I just discovered. I find I have a lot in common with this artist and I totally want her studio! My dream is to move near my beloved ocean, and she is living that life!