Thursday, August 2, 2007

Scary News~Minnesota bridge collapse

My sister called this morning to tell me she and her family are OK. They live in Minneapolis and cross the 35W bridge every day. I had not heard what happened as I was so busy yesterday I didn't even turn on the news, so I didn't even know what she was talking about. This is probably good, or I would have been very worried.
I have since watched the coverage and I am so shocked! I cannot believe only 4 are dead, and it seems obvious to me they will be pulling more dead bodies out of the river. My BIL said he was wondering about the construction only last week because they had stripped off ALL layers of concrete on the bridge and were all the way down to the platform. Not that he had ever envisioned anything like this, but he did think it was weird. Could it have weakened the bridge? I don't know.
I had to turn the coverage off, as I am a sensitive person and it was really getting to me. It is just so horrible!All the people of the twin cities are in my prayers...