Monday, March 5, 2007

February accomplishments and March goals

In February as far as my stated goals...I did N-o-t-h-i-n-g!!!

Here were my sad little goals:

1.finish house #3 of Hohrh No
2. block #2 of Days of AdventNo
3. work on Jonah from Plum StreetNo
4. America by LHN and then a new CCN or LHNNo
5. get Home of a Needleworker framed, and do finishing on quaker reindeer and little bunny.NoNoand finally a YES!

I resolve to try harder this month, but I think I need a revised goal list! LOL!

1.finish house #3 on HoHRH
2.finish CHS primitive stocking
3.get Home of a Needleworker framed
4.Bent Creek monthly snappers January
5.Country house SAL~January,and February
6. mystery project #1~make progress
7. mystery project #2~finish

My 2 mystery projects are some special little items I'm working on that cannot be revealed until they are completed. Nuff said!!