Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Studio clean out

I read a post on my friend Dixie's blog about cleaning out your studio in the new year. This really struck a cord with me  because I have been living with a less than perfect studio condition for the last 2 years.
For a number of years I had an entire room to myself for my studio. Then child number 4 came along, and though we kept her in a crib in our room to begin with, eventually she got too big and needed a room of her own. So I gave up half of my studio. It was awkward, working in a little girls bedroom. I began to be afraid to use oil paints because of the fumes and things like that.
But alas, the oldest daughter moved out of the house to get her own apartment, and the little one was able to move into her own room and I had a wonderful room all to myself again. 
But I never fixed it up as a studio the way I wanted to, maybe because subconsciously,I dont know... I knew she would be back. LOL!And she was...
I gave up the studio while the oldest daughter moved back in and enrolled in the local junior college. Now I have a studio corner in my bedroom.
It sucks.
But there is a happy ending to this story.
My oldest daughter got engaged(re-engaged actually) on Thanksgiving. It was very sweet, her fiance' proposed to her in front of the whole family at Thanksgiving dinner. And we have a date,  September 21,2012!
Yay! We are all very happy about this, and inside I am also beaming because
I will be getting my studio back!
So that is why Dixie's proposal about cleaning out the studio really appealed to me.Most of my art supplies are in boxes in the basement, buried and hard to get to. So for me, cleaning out the studio also will include the stash of stuff down there. But for this month I began with my small work area.

And it did make a difference. I didn't find anything that was a surprise, but it was great to just see the top of my work table again.
However, there are still piles.