Friday, October 26, 2012

Silk Ribbon dolls reticule

Here is a quick pic of the dolls reticule I promised earlier today. 
It is for my doll Lily, which is a pattern I have been trying to rework. It is one of my earliest patterns, and the doll hair I used then is no longer available. I have tried to recreate the hairstyle using hair that is available today but I am not having much luck. Now I'm considering re-releasing the pattern with a bonnet. Seems like kind of a cop-out, but like I said, the hairstyle is almost impossible with what is available today.
Here she is:
 This is with the old hair, which was an awesome spun wool which was curled in a coil, and was all in one long piece. So with the new wool. which is shorter pieces, I could do a bonnet with a little hair showing at the top. I don't know, perhaps I'll keep exploring the yarns available out there.


A Happy Sunny Day!

I am feeling SO much better!
The doctor gave me an antibiotic AND a steriod and I am finally getting over this thing.
 I have now actually had 3 good nights of sleep!
Since I have been doing all of this needlework while I've been sick, I put all of my original cross stitch charts into a slideshow.

I have also been working on some commissions, and I have to show you a sweet little reticule that I made which is silk ribbon on a gorgeous piece of moire taffeta.
Stay tuned...