Monday, April 30, 2007

Beautiful, beautiful day!!

We had a gorgeous sunny day for my little daughter's First Holy Communion! It was so special! She is my youngest of four, and it is getting bittersweet to see them all growing up so fast! Here is a wonderful picture of my oldest and my youngest! My heart just swells whenever I look at this picture!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thousands of WIP's!

OK, maybe not thousands, but it sure feels like it! I have so many wips going I don't know what to work on! I have decided to post them all here to help me make some decisions on what to work on, and work out some sort of priority list, or rotation. So here goes!
Blogger will only let me load 2 pics at a time! grrrr! Here are sheepish designs pincushion and January of the Country French house SAL.

America by LHN

Days of Advent,Prim stocking, Unicorn sampler, Colonial Urn

Jacobean pillow,Bent Creek monthlies,Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

In March and in April,The work of thy hands needlebook,MOTM

Liberty Mill Sampler by Chessie and meChild of Spring-VS

Ann Greanawalt

Geez! Now I'm only able to upload 1 picture!!! More later!

Crows in the kitchen(original), Jonah by Plum Street

elizabethan glove, dinky dyes biscornu

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Glove progress

This is what I got done last night. After really examining a picture of detached buttonhole stitch I realized that I made a mistake. At the point where the color changes, I started a new backstitch line under the completed bhs part and began again. I should have just continued on with the loops already there. DUH!! Leave it to me to find a harder way to do it and then really go for it!! LOL! Well that is what happens when you are learning from a book, and don't have any real life examples before you! I am not going to rip it out now, this is a good practice piece before I start my beloved Golden Age sampler! I am truly loving this though!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

detached buttonhole flower

Here I have finished the detached buttonhole petals on my flower-see how much better they look? I have frogged out the first petal I did, and worked it again. By the second petal I figured out how to do it and now it looks more like it is supposed too. I should have used a doodle cloth-then I wouldn't have had to frog out, but I am seldom that prudent! LOL!
I pulled out the center trellis stitch, and now I am re-working that. It is a really cool knotted stitch.
Once I finish the glove, I feel I will be confident enough to finally stitch the Golden Age sampler, a Nostalgic Needle design I have pined over for literally 12 years! I went to my LNS today and bought the rest of the supplies i needed for this one. It is worked in AVAS, and uses some gold threads and spangles. Fun! fun! fun! I can't wait to get started!

Monday, April 16, 2007

New Pattern Release Coming Soon!

My newest pattern release is Dorothy! She is a 26 inch pumpkin head folk doll made of muslin, with needle sculpted features which are sealed , painted, and enhanced with artists pencils. This pattern will be ready approximately May 1st. Preorders are being taken now. If you would like to pre-order a pattern, the price is $13.49 with shipping in the US. To pre-order email me at:

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Check this out!!!

Here is a really cool link, where someone has animated the Bayeux Tapestry! Its really neat! I have long admired the Bayeux Tapestry and have always wanted to go see it for myself. This is really neat!

And here are a couple of links about the tapestry, for those who are not familiar with it.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Quickie piccie!

Here is my trellis stitch center(I know it needs work!) and my detached buttonhole petals. You can see the left petal is a little bit better that the right one. Its not great, but I am determined to master it! I also had a little trouble with the back stitch base-the pattern is not the clearest-it is from am old Fine Lines magazine. But I will continue and see how it comes out. It's really fun!

Her Majesty's Glove

This is another design by Sharon Cohen of Nostalgic Needle. I started working on this and MAN! is it hard! I have completed 2 petals in the main flower and the trellis stitch middle part. My first petal looks horrible, but my second one is starting to look right. It was really hard to figure it out exactly, but now that I have the knotting right its coming along. Practice will definitely make perfect. I'm out of batteries for a pic, but I'm going out later today so I will get some and get a piccie of my progress up here as soon as possible.

Unicorn Sampler

My new enthusiasm for the needlework of the 17th and 18th century, also known as the golden age, has brought me back to working on my Unicorn sampler. This progress picture is after several hours of working the lacis sections. The area is quite large, and it has taken forever to withdraw the threads to make the grid, and wrap all of the vertical threads. Now I am putting in the design with the dove's atil stitches, and then I will add the needleweaving and pinwheels. I chose to do this on 36 count instead of the 40 which is what the model was stitched on, so I will only have half of the fluer de lis. At the time that I purchased this project I was highly intimidated by it, and I thought the larger count would be easier. Now, of course I wish I had gotten the 40 ct. but oh well, live and learn! Anyhow, here is my progress and a picture of the finished model.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sampler name tag

I have just completed this nametag to wear at the two guilds I belong to. It was designed by Sharon Cohen of Nostalgic Needle. I am absolutely in LOVE with all of her designs and have been for some time now. I may finally have obtained enough skill to make some of them! I have always loved that Millenium Cutwork Sampler. I am also totally smitten with her little Elizabethan Nightcap pincushion.Taking that class from Eilleen Bennett really got my juices flowing for some more works from the golden age of embroidery. I love all the intricate stitches.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Secret Stitcher!

This came in the mail the other day, from my secret stitcher! I signed up for a year long secret stitcher program at my local EGA chapter. I was surprised I got something already, I just signed up March 27th! This is SO cute, and it was such a thrill to get something so perfect in the mail!!