Friday, April 13, 2007

Quickie piccie!

Here is my trellis stitch center(I know it needs work!) and my detached buttonhole petals. You can see the left petal is a little bit better that the right one. Its not great, but I am determined to master it! I also had a little trouble with the back stitch base-the pattern is not the clearest-it is from am old Fine Lines magazine. But I will continue and see how it comes out. It's really fun!

Her Majesty's Glove

This is another design by Sharon Cohen of Nostalgic Needle. I started working on this and MAN! is it hard! I have completed 2 petals in the main flower and the trellis stitch middle part. My first petal looks horrible, but my second one is starting to look right. It was really hard to figure it out exactly, but now that I have the knotting right its coming along. Practice will definitely make perfect. I'm out of batteries for a pic, but I'm going out later today so I will get some and get a piccie of my progress up here as soon as possible.

Unicorn Sampler

My new enthusiasm for the needlework of the 17th and 18th century, also known as the golden age, has brought me back to working on my Unicorn sampler. This progress picture is after several hours of working the lacis sections. The area is quite large, and it has taken forever to withdraw the threads to make the grid, and wrap all of the vertical threads. Now I am putting in the design with the dove's atil stitches, and then I will add the needleweaving and pinwheels. I chose to do this on 36 count instead of the 40 which is what the model was stitched on, so I will only have half of the fluer de lis. At the time that I purchased this project I was highly intimidated by it, and I thought the larger count would be easier. Now, of course I wish I had gotten the 40 ct. but oh well, live and learn! Anyhow, here is my progress and a picture of the finished model.