Friday, August 10, 2007

Angel of Spring

I won the Angel of Spring chart on ebay for $1.04! I received it yesterday-I got it in like 2 days! Wow! I wish some of the ONS I order from were that quick! I want to stitch this for my mom for Christmas. I know she would be blown away. This is exactly her style, she is an angel collector and her house is decorated in victorian colors. Its perfect for her. Its a huge stitch for me, 230 by 270. I don't think I've ever finished anything that big before. I would have to put everything aside and keep it as my focus piece to get it done in time, but I know she would really love it. Also, time is of the essence. Although she is in good health, she is going to be 82 this year, so ya never know.
It is stitched on 32 ct. twilight blue linen. There are 35 floss colors and 5 different colors of beads. So now I'm off to ebay to bid on some linen, I have a seller bookmarked who sell the twilight blue.