Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Graduates!

This is why I haven't posted in so long!! We have had a busy week with graduation, and getting everybody finished with school, planning the summer and every thing else!! Whew!BRAG ALERT!!!Here are Lucas and Brittany(his girlfriend-can't claim her as mine!) on graduation day! We are so proud of both of them! They both graduated with honors, were awarded with scholorships, and Brittany, she was standing there for like 20 minutes while they read off all of her accomplishments!
Gary and I were quite astonished when Lucas won the Greg True award! This is a great honor at his high school and is given for academic and athletic achievement, sportsmanship, grade point average, and leadership, among other things. The trophy is displayed at school and will have his named engraved on it. So exciting! This is a picture of Lucas with my brother.We are so proud of him! And on a stitchy note, this is as far as I have gotten on This is the Day, before I put it aside to do some model stitching. I am close to a finish on this one but, duty calls!