Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My New Love!

Janome DC2012
Couldn't beat the price!
 I am having SO much fun!
It has everything I need!
50 stitches, needle down or up. auto-threader, speed control; everything on it is easier!
I have had the same machine(My Babylock) for so long, its like I now have 25 years of sewing machine innovations all at once!
Love it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My PFATT Offerings for April

Some quilty goodness in the form of a table mat:
Table mat 16" by 13"
This is a great piece for a primitive home! The lovely confederate blue print dominates, and the patchwork is done in a variety of reproduction prints. It was hand quilted using the primitive "big stitch" method-so cool!
Big stitch method

This is great as a table mat or tucked in with your primitive dolls!
 Next I have a pattern model, Folk Art Flowers.
Folk Art Flowers framed piece, 9" by 6".
This has been professionally framed.
It is the pattern model for my cross stitch chart by the same name. 
There is no glass, as that always interfered with the photo session! LOL!
For more information and to purchase please visit

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sew Something I'm Giving Up OnYou...

I" m sorry that I can't seem to fix you!
 Your tension is off, I've struggled and struggled.
Even hubby (also known as tenacious "G") has tried.
 But after 25 years, you don't seem to have the energy to try and stay on the straight and narrow!
O how sad that I am going to have to give up on you...
I am going to have to start looking around at the other fish in the sea, for I am one of those girls who cannot live without the sewing machine/woman relationship.
I know, I am weak.
 Forgive me!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So far I am really happy with the way this is coming out!
 I m rusty in my quilt-making, that is for sure, but it is all coming back to me as I go along.
 I forgot how to make vines, for instance, and had to refresh my memory.
I like how they are coming out.
Nice and raised up from the fabric.
There will be a border using the taupe gingham fabric, with more stitchery on it.
Someone at my quilt guild asked if it is a wall-hanging or what?
 I guess it could be, but I am going to use it as a table topper.