Friday, March 9, 2018

Spring Bunny Freebie Chart

I have decided to repost this free chart in case you missed it!

 I have lots more followers now than I did a year ago when I first posted it.
Hope you enjoy it!


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I'm a Gramma! (again!)

Here is Aidan and his new baby daughter Corinne Therese! 
She looks just like he did as a baby!

I can't believe my baby is a daddy! LOL!
 She is his first but my fourth grandchild. The other three belong to my oldest Chelsea and they are all girls!

And here are Chelsea's girls!

Hideko and Amy

And sweet little baby Mei!
 She broke her little leg when Hideko accidentally opened the basement door!

Isabel holding the new baby!

Chelsea holding the new baby!

And thats all the news from the Belcher Homestead!

Happy stitching!


New Pattern Home is Where You Hang Your Heart

NW-32 Home is Where You Hang Your Heart

January 2018 Release!
In stores now!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Flosstube #3

Flosstube #3 is up along with my special guest...Isabel Belcher!

Isabel has come along as my handy dandy assistant, to hold up my pieces and make sure that they are in focus! Her eyes are so much better than mine!

Show notes:
My designs:
NW-30 Thankful Pumpkins
NW-28 Bittersweet
NW-29 Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Prairie Schooler : Autumn Leaves
Country Cottage Needleworks: October Cottage of the Month
Prairie Schooler: 1984 Santa
Little House Needleworks: Saltbox Village Ornament
Barbara Ana: Autumn Keeper

The Cross Elephant: Mini Kimonos
Country Cottage Needleworks: Santas Village
Little House Needleworks: Potted Pointsettia Ornament
Prairie Schooler: 1985 Santa
Prairie Schooler: Christmas Day

Please come on over to Yoputube and join the fun! There is also a give-away that will be drawn on Nov. 19, 2017-so still time to play!

Thanks so much and keep stitchin'!


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Dear friends,

I have really been enjoying the season and had an opportunity to go apple picking with my family.

This has resulted in delicious baked apple crisp, and numerous rounds of crock pot apple pie filling, which I have canned for my Thanksgiving apple pie! Next I will make some apple butter!

I cannot turn away fresh produce, so when my girlfriend offered me close to 20 pounds of fresh pears from her tree, the boiling water bath was on!

 I canned  8  jars of pears and 7  jars of pear butter!

 I have become obsessed with decorating for fall!
Here are some snaps of my dining room:

And my porch:

Happy Fall y'all!!