Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Exciting news!

First of all, look at my new little baby grand child!! 
This is our first and we already know its a girl and her name will be Amy Ren.
We are SO excited! She is due June 26!

Her middle name, Ren is the same as my daughters middle name. All of our children have Japanese middle names, because my husband is half Japanese. Its cool that they are continuing that tradition.

And the other exciting news is that I have a doll and article published in 
Prims Magazine!!!

How exciting is that!!!

I have been so busy I haven't been completing a lot of art, so hence not much to blog about.  But I am taking an acrylics painting class at my local art league, which is keeping me sane during all of the chaos.

Isabel is recovering very nicely from her torn ACL, doing all of her exercises and going to PT(physical therapy)  twice a week.
She doesn't even have the crutch or leg brace anymore! Woot!

She is also graduating from 8th grade this month. Anyone who has had an 8th grader in a catholic school knows, the spring is loaded with "last time" activities. Last home games, last May Crowning, last school play, etc etc. In the next 2 weeks she has an all day school trip to Chicago(a little worried about her being on her  leg all day), 7-8th grade banquet, Confirmation, and graduation. 
Isabel and her best friend Brittany at May Crowning. Brittany got to crown Our Blessed Mother!

on June 10th my husband and I leave for an 11 day trip to...
Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Rahpael, here I come!!!

So excited!!! And 4 days after we get back our little Amy is due!!

Happy days at the Belcher homestead!!!