Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fabric inspiration!

I bought some new "Annie" fabric. I got all of this fabric at Joann. I don't make the trek to Joann very often because now that they are all superstores they are too far away. I usually buy my fabric online, but I knew I wanted a lot of polka dots so I thought I would be able to find what I wanted there. As you can see I didn't have any problem!! :)


michelle said...

Yeah for polka dots! Love the Annies too!

Jenny said...

Hi Annie~

Thanks for visiting my blog.. I just noticed you are bidding on one of my dolls as well..WOW, Thanks for that as well.

The two other ladies bidding have bought from me before. That is very special...they must have liked the dolls they received from me.

I should ad you to my blog..I 'll try to remember tomorrow.

Good luck and have a good evening, what is left of it.


Nichole said...

Great choice..! I too used to shop at Joann.