Saturday, June 3, 2006

Some dresses I have made.

Some of my work in the past 6 months

Day dress for Addy.


Isn't she just gorgeous? I just love her. I have her shelf on display in my sewing room where I can look over and enjoy her whenever I want. She really brightens my day!

What I've been doing while in hiding! Ha! Ha!

Here is a picture of almost everything I have collected for Felicity so far. Some of the things I really want are now retired and I will have to try to win on ebay.


Well here I am, back after 6 months! I really thought I would not make anymore dolls, but the desire has hit me again!
I lost my Dad in February. During the weeks I spent at the hospital before his death and the whirl of activity surrounding the funeral, I lost all desire for dollmaking. Primitive dolls all looked depressing and evil to me. I wanted soothing pretty colors, and I craved a sort of clean crispiness.
But I still love dolls.
I began making doll clothes for my seven year old, and doing some heirloom sewing again. Soon I was smocking pretty frocks for American Girl dolls. I had received Felicity as a gift from my husband at Christmas, and I began collecting for her and our other AG girls in earnest. Between myself and my two daughters we own 11 American Girl dolls. True to our love of history we have all but 2 of the 8 historic dolls, and we have many American Girls of Today(AGT).