Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Colored Pencil shading

Here I have gotten a good start on the colored pencil work. I love to see how a dolls face just comes alive when the shading detail is added. I have used a variety of pinks and oranges for the fleshtones, and the eyes are brown with pretty gold light-tones. I use Sanford Prismacolor pencil. These are just the regular artists colored pencils, not watercolor pencils.
I am especially happy with the way her lips have turned out. I will likely go back in and work some more on the fleshtones of her face.
Since she is going to be a doll whose clothing is all removable I will be expanding the fleshtones down into the chest area somwhat.

More embroidery added

Here I have added the lip outline in DMC #3328.This is sort of a rosy pink color. The center lip line, and upper and lower accents are DMC #221, a darker brick red. I also did tiny eye dots in #3328.
I stitched a tiny rim inside the pupil outline in #780, a dark gold color.Now she is ready for some colored pencil shading!

Embroidering a doll face

This doll is made from off white Kona cotton and is my original pattern. So far I have lightly penciled in her face. I do this freehand, but it would probably be better to transfer the face somehow from a flat drawing. I always vow to myself that I will find a foolproof method for doing this-next time! I am that lazy, this is one of my bad dollmaking habits-DON'T COPY MY BAD EXAMPLE! hehe!
Next I have stitched in the eye outline, eyelashes,pupil outline, eyebrows and nostril dots. For this I use 1 strand of DMC cotton, #838. I have also done the upper eyelid and nose in #3032. I use the tiniest stitches possible!She is lying on the fabric that I will be making her dress out of. I like to use the colors in the fabric for reference when I choose my floss and colored pencils.

My little Patsyette

This was my birthday present last month-isn't she cute! She is called, "Saucy Stripes". I am hoping to get some clothes made for her and perhaps offer some on ebay.