Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Keep on keepin' on!

Still sick here.
 Can you believe it!
 Its been like 4 weeks.
 But I finally broke down and went to the doctor.
 I know I know...why wait so long.  But I am one of those who hates going to the doctor! Anyhow, they put me on an antibiotic and a steroid, so this aughta do it!!

Meanwhile the studio girls sit around patiently waiting to be put up for adoption.
They never say anything, but I think I've detected a few annoyed glares as I have gone by!

But even though I don't feel too great, I hate to be unproductive. 
So I finished Child of Spring.
This must be my oldest WIP, started around 1993 or so!
 But its not a WIP anymore!!!

Child of Spring
22 count Hardanger fabric
Victoria Samplers
this is the top
this is the middle
This is the bottom

I love the hardanger hearts~can you see the beads? 
This is a very subtle design. I loved all of the pulled thread stitches, 
they are so beautiful.
So even though sick, at least something was accomplished! LOL!
 Almost 20 years! hahaha!