Friday, April 13, 2007

Quickie piccie!

Here is my trellis stitch center(I know it needs work!) and my detached buttonhole petals. You can see the left petal is a little bit better that the right one. Its not great, but I am determined to master it! I also had a little trouble with the back stitch base-the pattern is not the clearest-it is from am old Fine Lines magazine. But I will continue and see how it comes out. It's really fun!

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~mj~ said...

Hi Annie...thank-you for the lovely comments in my blog...i will add yours to my 'must view' list..i have been lax in visiting blogs as i have recently moved and am now on dial-up...(they take forever to load)...i LOVE this glove!...i have yet to do Trellis or detatched buttonhole stitch...i am somewhat intimidated..i think i`ll practice on a scrap of material and then tackle the Unicorn sampler when i get back from England...hmm..didn`t mean to write a novel here...:-)..ttfn mj