Tuesday, April 17, 2007

detached buttonhole flower

Here I have finished the detached buttonhole petals on my flower-see how much better they look? I have frogged out the first petal I did, and worked it again. By the second petal I figured out how to do it and now it looks more like it is supposed too. I should have used a doodle cloth-then I wouldn't have had to frog out, but I am seldom that prudent! LOL!
I pulled out the center trellis stitch, and now I am re-working that. It is a really cool knotted stitch.
Once I finish the glove, I feel I will be confident enough to finally stitch the Golden Age sampler, a Nostalgic Needle design I have pined over for literally 12 years! I went to my LNS today and bought the rest of the supplies i needed for this one. It is worked in AVAS, and uses some gold threads and spangles. Fun! fun! fun! I can't wait to get started!

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