Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Some Progress and Summer Fun

Band Sampler Stocking
 This is a quick snap of my current work in progress. I have designed a new sampler stocking for my youngest grandbaby Mei. This is the reason I always stitch my own models, because I often change my mind about colors as I go along. One reason, I think is because when I am designing on my software program, the colors on my moniter are not the same as the actual fibers. So, I have to keep trying new combinations until I get it exactly right. I am hoping for a September release for this Christmas stocking pattern.
Early Americans by LHN: Betsy Ross

 Sometimes on the weekends I get a chance to work on something just for me. Early Americans by Little House Needleworks is one of those projects. I am doing them all as individual smalls, but I just may sew them all together in the end, quilt style, and frame them that way. I think that would look kind of cool!

 This is a project I have worked on every Saturday, when I take my brother to the store. He doesn't drive, so I give him a lift and sit in the car and stitch away. I like it and he likes it and then we get to see each other at least once a week! Perfect!

This is a meme I ran across that I think is hilarious! You have to be a P&P junkie like I am to get it!

Although this summer has been extremely busy, we have taken a little bit of time to do some fun things. Every Sunday our oldest granddaughter Amy comes to our house to visit, mostly to give her momma a break (she still has the two babies at home). 
So when we have Amy we try to do something fun. Last week we took her to church at a beautiful shrine in Mundelien Il, called Marytown. This is a monastery where there are Franciscan friars. The church is incredibly beautiful! 
We had a lot of fun that day. Here she is at the outdoor stations of the cross.
Amy's favorite station-The Annunciation

After mass we went to lunch. It was a very fun day. We just love spending time with her. She is already a wonderful artist!

Last weekend we went to a local art fair. Here she is with her Oji (japanese for grandpa).

I hope you are having some fun this summer too!
Happy stitchin'!


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