Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fr. Edward Seisser Memeorial Quilt aka: War and Pieces

It is rounding on 2 years since I lost my brother. Some days I still can't believe he is gone. I suppose everyone who loses a loved one suddenly and with out warning, feels the same. These days I often wonder what he would think and say about current events. He was very intelligent and always up on the news, and keenly aware of what was going on in the world. I know he would shake his head with the rest of us at a Donald Trump presidency, and mourn and pray as we do over the turmoil and outright defiance present in the (catholic) church today. And I'm sure he would love and spoil our newest grandchildren that he didn't get to meet, and he would have quietly buried our mother with dignity and compassion.

 But he is not here to experience those things with us, and we feel it deeply.

People often tell me that upon his death we now have a great advocate in heaven. I know that is true on an intellectual level, and I have seen evidence of it; but it doesn't give me comfort. I am selfish. I wasn't done with him yet. He took such good care of me and my family as I was raising my kids. He was always there to right every wrong and give us direction and guidance. I always imagined myself caring for him in his old age, paying him back in some small way for all of the things he has done for me. For changing my entire life and giving me the foundation and rock that I now stand upon, which is Jesus.
But alas, God called him home and I have to be good with that.
 When I think about the last 2 years of his life, and how tired he was, and how much responsibility his bishop piled upon him, I do feel comfort in the thought that he is as peace.
 I know he is with Jesus, and that he is happy.
 And that makes me happy. 

War and Pieces

So onto the story of the quilt.

I started this as a block of the month in 2001- yep, thats right 2001!
It was a kit that came with the pattern, all the fabrics and some instructions.

I always planned to give it to Edward, as he was a great Civil War buff. He loved all history, but especially the Civil War and WW1. Every year he , my husband and I took our kids on a family vacation, and very often we visited battlefields, presidents homes, memorials and anything having to do with the Civil War. 
But he died before I completed it.

And I still haven't completed it! 


But I'm coming around the mountain, I only have 1 border left and then I can put the entire thing together. 
There is a little applique in the corners, but its  no big deal. So I think I may be able to get the top done by the 2nd anniversary of his death, which is August 16. I plan to embroider on it the initials of all of our little traveling companions, those of us who traipsed across the country together every summer for 17 years.
 After my father died in 2006 my mom began to come with us, and she traveled more after the age of 80 than she did her entire life previously! She was a trooper!

Here are some details of War and Pieces by Barbara Brannock, published under Sunflower Pattern Co-op

This is actually the side border. There are two long side borders like this, and 2 shorter ones that are similar for the top and bottom.

These 2 blocks are called Southern Rose and Northern Lily, and the lower one is Loyal Dog.

Christian block, and Hope of Peace.

This block is called Home Front.

Soldiers Wedding and Federal Eagle.

And of course, Abe and Mary Lincoln.

I am so close to finishing. I will definitely share pics when I have the whole top done with the borders, and again when I have it quilted. 
If you have hung in there this long thank you so much!
Happy stitches!

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