Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Angel available on PFATT Marketplace

Juanita a Christmas Angel

She goes on sale tomorrow, Dec. 10th, at 2PM central time.

 I hope you are having fun getting ready for the holidays. I have rearranged my entire house for the third time in 3 months and I think I finally have it just perfect.
I will be hosting Christmas dinner this year so I am focused on getting everything ready. 
I haven't hosted for years so this is something different for me.

I got new dishes for the occasion too!
They are from Bed,Bath and Beyond.
I love them-everything goes with them!
Here is a little pic-ie:

Aren't they pretty?
 I have a few pieces of red and white Spode transferware that look so pretty with them!

I'm trying hard to focus on my family and not think too much about recent losses.
Life must go on, so I am plowing forward; enjoying my new grand daughter and looking forward to everyone coming home again for the holidays.
And I did finally got my chickens! They range in my backyard most days and whenever I catch a glimpse of them out there I get that warm homey-farmhouse feeling.
It's good!


Isabel and Bella-our Buff Orpington

All four about 4 weeks old

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