Thursday, September 11, 2014

Inspired by Sue Spargo

I belong to a wonderful quilt guild. It has almost 300 members and it is vibrant and active. We bring in national teachers every year, and there are tons of little quilt Bee's of every type, buzzing around all the time. Right now I only belong to one Bee-it is called Bee Woolie. It is a wool applique Bee, and let me tell you, the members are very talented!
We have been slowly working our way through Sue Spargo's stitch book:

If you are not familiar with Sue Spargo, run,...don't walk over to her website and FEAST YOUR EYES!
Seriously, she is some kind of EMBROIDERY GODDESS!
Anyhow, this month it was my turn to teach a stitch, so I "learned myself" the Van Dyke stitch!

I started a sampler to put all of my practiced stitches on. And I have to say, I'm obsessed with it! It is all I have worked on the last two days! Today I am driving to Designer's Desk to buy more fibers!! and I'm scouring the internet looking for more WOOL!
Here is my sampler so far:

I am so inspired!
Some of the stitches used: buttonhole, pekinese stitch, crested chain stitch, fly stitch, whipped woven circle, threaded running stitch, Tete de Bouf stitch, pistil stitch, woven picot, and  French knots!

So then, 
I found Sue Spargo's CLASS on Craftsy!!
 I immediately signed up, and I'm sitting on my hands over here waiting for my luscious kit of supplies to arrive in the mail!!
This is the project:
Oh Lordy!
 Be still my heart!


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