Monday, September 15, 2014

Beautiful Wool Assortment for Sale in my Etsy Shoppe!!


I have scoured the internet looking for a wool company that hand dyes wool in both primitive and contemporary colors. I have always loved both styles very much. When it comes to wool, primitives really dominate the market. And it is understandable, because the latest surge of interest in wool and wool projects has mainly come from primitive artists. I do love primitives, especially the historic reference that is evident in the style. But I am happy by nature, and I have trouble staying within the darker colors of that palette. 

I gotta be me!

But I digress,
 I have recently found a wonderful little company called In The Patch Designs, that dyes both prims and beautiful contemporary brights, and even pastels(almost impossible to find!) I was so excited when I started working with their wools I decided to offer them to you in my Etsy Shoppe!

And look at how cute they are packaged, with coordinating buttons! 

So pop on over and have a look. I am sure you will find a bundle or two that you can't resist!
I know I did!


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